Sony plans to discontinue PS4 Pro consoles to make room for PS5 consoles

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After releasing of PS5 in Japan by Sony, the Japanese tech firm, the demand for this new product was found to be impeccable. Many markets aren’t even authorized to launch it and the markets which are given due dates of launching, they can only place pre-order via their country’s respective retailers.

This was found to be an efficacious launch in the history of launching new PlayStation consoles and soon the company declared they will be working on increasing their PS5 inventories so that the product is available at every local retailer, where the product is launched.

Consequently, these pre-orders and matching the demand with supply the Sony’s production teams announced to forego the production of PS4 Pro consoles in Japan and only produce its single model, further added the reports were misleading as to if this ending of PS4 production applies to western markets as well.

This information is also backed by game watch as it states that first Sony deactivated the original PS4 production and now the production of PS4 Pro consoles will also be discontinued. The only models available in the Japanese market will be 500 GB ‘slim’ PS4.

This decision was rather unusual but more customer-oriented to meet the increasing demand, thus, increasing stocks. This required new production teams and manpower so, Sony Interactive entertainment already having stock shortages since the launch decide to manage its production team by giving them the core task of only producing PS5 for the time being. Besides, this tactic was more cost-effective as they didn’t require to increase the company overall manpower and could meet this immediate enormous demand by existing staff.

In addition, in terms of prices, they cost almost the same. PS4 Pro has a selling price of $399, which is similar to the new PS5 digital edition. As Sonny is working for 3 years to move out from last-gen consoles to new-gen consoles, it is very convenient and natural for the company to increase the owners of PS5 and set this new benchmark for them as quickly as possible.

This strategy of discontinuing the production of the previous model just make room and assist the launch of the new model has also been adopted by Xbox, when they launched their new series of Xbox series X and Xbox series S and discontinued their previous editions of Xbox One and Xbox series S digital edition, in July 2020.

Sony further clarifies that this new decision for the Japanese market not being availed of PS4 will not affect the PS4 owners as their games will be run perfectly the way they worked before. Jim Ryan, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, clearly said that this was a crucial and busy time for the company to be serving the old consoles knowing the fact that the new consoles are still left no being produced yet.

Was this a de-marketing strategy by Sony to give the proper spotlight to PS5 or was the demand for PS5 has actually exceeded in proportion to the available inventory? It can only be further entailed when new consoles are also launched in western markets.

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