The 2001 Science-Fantasy RPG Geneforge is Getting Remastered

Geneforge is Getting Remastered

Spiderweb Software is back on Kickstarter again for remastering its 2001 classic title, Geneforge. The indie video game developer started back in 1994 by Jeff Vogel in Seattle, Washington has been making really complex RPGs for a long time, there is one issue. However, as being an indie developer, the visuals aren’t exactly stunning. Nonetheless, the games are still high, and the indie developer has decided to remaster its earlier classic.

The game is a mixture of fantasy and sci-fi, where technology and ancient magic are meant to co-exist. The world is full of opposing factions, plenty of choices to make for the player along with several open-ended quests to complete. The best part is you get to control an army of monsters that are mutants. Geneforge is a game that has 5 games into its series, and since the UI was not that intuitive even back then, it’s a bit hard to get your hands set on it in 2020.

It is expected that all of the games in the Geneforge series will have a remaster as time goes, but for now, Kickstarter only mentions the first game. The Kickstarter page explains that the developers are saying that a complete remaster of the five games in the Geneforge series will take a lot of time, probably years. Geneforge has been on the favorites list for the developers, and even the community has been demanding a remaster for some time. Still, for now, the developers have decided to start this year’s long journey with the first game in the series, Geneforge.

Even when it first launched out, Geneforge has been a unique game combining the elements of fantasy and sci-fi world. Geneforge was able to Create a tough indie RPG adventure, this was all done in a time that was not very bright for indie developers as there were not many platforms to release their game to find a much larger audience. The game lets you control a Shaper, someone who has the power to create and bring forth new life forms, which will help you win battles in turn-based combat.

The remastered version of the game will include something we craved so much in the first game, an improved interface, game design, graphics, but the main story will remain, for the most part, untouched.

There was a plan to include only a handful of new characters, storylines with unique abilities. Still, Kickstarter was a lot more successful than the developers thought it would be, which certainly means we got more content incoming.

The developers have met their Kickstarter goal for a remastered version of Geneforge 1, which was $75,000. The developers will now add a completely new multi-zone region. The company has come a long way since 2001, and the visuals of their games haven’t been very appealing, and it might never will. However, the story complexity and gameplay mechanics were more than enough to keep the game floating as it is hard to beat even for hardcore RPG lovers.

Details regarding the development can be found on their Kickstarter page or on the official Spiderweb Software website.

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