The Sony PS5 DualSense controller is a gamer’s dream come true

PS5 DualSense controller

Sony’s new PS5 DualSense controller, formerly known as “DualShock” in the PS4, is quite an impressive accessory. This innovative gadget is notably one of the best features of the new console.

Usually, we would expect awe-inspiring gaming hardware updates from the big shots like Nintendo, but Sony has substantially leveled up its game this time.

The PS5 comes with Astro’s Playroom already installed on the console. This enjoyable 3D platformer game has been created specifically to bring out the DualSense controller’s features.

The game incorporates countless vibrational haptics that really expands the gaming experience for PS5 users.

But wait, what is vibrational haptics, anyway?

A bit about vibrational haptics

The purpose of vibrational haptics is simply to communicate with touch – specifically through vibrations. The only way a controller can communicate with the player holding it is through vibration, which is why vibrational haptics is popular in gaming.

Vibrational haptics is in reality the simple modes of communication like a cell phone shaking when you get a new message. In gaming, we have much more complex scenarios, of course.

That’s where haptic feedback comes in – it uses real-time information from the game to provide a unique vibrational haptics experience.

This type of technology is trending now, as compared to before, where consoles like the PS4 didn’t really focus on creating a sense of touch for players.

Now, with the new DualSense controller, it seems as if the gaming experience is drawn towards truly “feeling” the game.

For example, in Astro’s Playroom, with haptic feedback players can essentially feel like they’re pulling back a bowstring or holding on to a ledge while climbing.

When walking across an icy surface in the game, the PS5 controller sends players light taps that make it feel like they’re actually stepping on a snowy surface.

Pretty neat, isn’t it?

Are other games getting on board too?

That’s enough about Astro’s Playground. What about the other titles?

Well, many games are using the controller’s haptic feedback features but definitely not the way PS5 Astro’s Playground has implemented them.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales uses subtle haptics coinciding with the Spidey-sense feeling.

However, none of the titles we’ve come across so far apply this vibrational feedback technology to completely transform gameplay.

What this controller means for Sony

Although not many games have employed the PS5 controller to its full potential, the DualSense does give us an insight into what Sony has in store for us.

Sony has set the stepping stone for creating remarkably immersive gameplay.

Overall, PS5 users seem highly impressed and eager to see the future of Sony’s game tech.

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