Top 5 Brain Games to Improve Memory and Concentration

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Top 5 Brain Games to Improve Memory and Concentration

When talking about memory, we could say that our brains are comparable to computer drives. It’s thought to be capable of storing up to 2.5 petabytes of data, or nearly 3 million hours of television. The ability to extract all of that information, on the other hand, is a different story.

What are Memory Games?

According to Harvard Health, memory games are an exciting means of stimulating your mind to boost your memory. Our brains need constant training to remain steady and active.

Memory games test the mind and support the progress and growth of gray matter in our brains, which consequently affects memory.

According to some studies, brain training for 15 minutes a day could enhance brain activity.

When Talking about Studies, Where does Science Stand?

Where Does Science Stand?

New thought-provoking applications constantly appear in app stores, promising to bump up memory, maximize IQ, or strengthen other cognitive skills. They’re entertaining to play, but do they work?

The majority of the choices on our list are focused on tried-and-true therapies that have been thoroughly researched and checked by third-party sources.

Brain applications won’t make you smarter, but they could help you handle some of the given tasks better or calm your emotions. Note that most games are made for relatively stable people, not for people with behavioral disabilities and that they are not a substitute for talking to a qualified therapist.

Cognifit Brain Fitness

Cognifit Brain Fitness aims to tease or restore brain activity in people with disorders like dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, MS, stroke, etc. What makes this unique app stick out is that it was developed by a team of neuroscientists.

Their teaching methods are based on standardized techniques that enable them to customize an ideal brain game pattern for each person. If you’re feeling competitive, you can challenge your friends and see who ranks better. A little competition also keeps your brain active.

The start package is entirely free and gives you access to three games. Upgrades start at $12.00 a month and $189.99 a year and contain over 25 features.


Lumosity is the grandmaster of the crowd and the service that pioneered many of the innovations that are now popular among its competitors.

A variety of mini-games are combined and balanced into a daily routine – along with the mandatory metrics – to reflect your progress over time. This famous app is divided into three sessions, each with three games customized to meet your specific goals, such as memory, concentration, problem-solving, processing speed, or cognitive mobility. According to the developers, only one session a day will boost thinking abilities, and users can monitor their success and compare their results to others.

If you want to unlock the app’s full potential, you need to pay $12-13. Lumosity for smartphones costs more, but what you may find attractive is the ability to access the website from a PC.

Unscrambled Words

Word games are an excellent way to get your brain going, and the title of the most popular game in that genre goes to Scrabble. However, if you want to keep it short and single-player, Unscrambled Words is a great choice.

If you like to play on your own, give yourself a set of letters and try to find as many legit words as you can. The advantage of using a game like this is that you can improve your vocabulary while practicing for the next game night with your friends.


To help you remember everything from crucial contact information to intriguing words or details, Eidetic applies a method known as “spaced repetition.” It differs from other brain training applications because it uses objects of significance and context. It can be anything important to you, like your mom’s phone number, bank account information, or a recent quote worth remembering.

Notifications tell you that it’s time to evaluate yourself, and assessments are spaced out over time to ensure you remember the details. It’s free and available for IOS.

MyCognition Pro

MyCognition Pro is a more recent version of the well-known Brain Fitness Pro.

MyCognition Pro is a scientifically validated digital health app that improves cognitive performance by using a systematic assessment, analysis, and learning technique to improve mental fitness.

You begin by taking MyCQ, a 15-minute test that evaluates organizing, judgment, memory, focus, tempo, and precision. Your MyCQ score is used to build a customized training schedule to help you progress in each of these aspects. You’re encouraged to use the app’s brain training sessions for 90 minutes a week – or 15 minutes a day.

These games are accompanied by a set of general health tools that can help you eat healthier, exercise more, and sleep well.

Wrapping It Up

Enhancing your long-term and operative memory will increase your effectiveness, as well as your decision-making and organizational abilities. It also lowers tension, which will help you do well at work and be happier overall. Just keep in mind that boosting your memory takes time and constant mental stimulus.

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