Valorant: How to level up?

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Valorant: How to level up?

Anyone who plays any game wants to earn points and wants to be able to access the higher levels and better battles. When we play Valorant this is just as apparent, the extra levels and in-game rewards really make Valorant all the more engaging.

The more we play, the more XP we can earn. The XP can build up to earn in-game rewards and then ultimately we can unlock the Battle pass. The ultimate aim is to reach the Immortal tier, but as the name suggests, this isn’t for everyone and only 2% of players will ever achieve it.

So, if earning XP is such an important part of the game, how do we earn XP in the quickest way possible?

Shoot Less, Aim More

Some XP are earned just by being better at Valorant itself. The key one of these is accuracy when you shot. It costs more than just ammo when you shoot 5 times and only hit once. It reduces your accuracy percentage and reduces your ability to earn XP. There’s a simple way to improve your aim and it’s not in live matches.

Head to the practice range and feel free to waste hours getting better. There are free drills you can run and improve your skills. The hours you spend in the range will immediately pay off in the game zone. Aim and accuracy are key to a quick kill and progressing up levels.

Head straight to the Deathmatch

I know we’re all really keen to head straight to the competitive matches. To get that feeling of battle straight from the off, we have to think about warming up. We’re playing professional sports and no one goes right into a match without warming up the muscles first, so why would Valorant be any different?

Play a Deathmatch or two to get your aim in, to pick back up that muscle memory, and get you ready for the real match. Then head to the battlefields.

Watch the Pros

It should go without saying that whenever we watch live sports, we pick up tactics, tricks, and knowledge to make our own games better. We learn a new set of skills from the pros and take them into our very next game. Have a look at the Valorant stat Tracker guide to see what the pros see and when they’re playing.

Play the Agents

In Valorant, we earn more points if we play a variety of characters. In a game with 18 characters and four different categories to choose from, we must not get stuck in a rut and always play as Neon. It not only gives you a greater diversity but leads to a greater choice when faced with someone already playing as your chosen character. Or you might know a certain character is easier to defeat if you chose someone from a different category.

It’s worth having a look through the character’s stats and finding out which characters suit your style of play.

The more we play and the better we get, the more XP we’ll earn and the more in-game features we’ll unlock. It goes without saying that practice will make perfect, so step up your range of skills and see where you can get.

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