Valorant’s New Character Sova Gets Revealed in a Trailer

Valorant's New Character Sova Gets Revealed in a Trailer

Another trailer was released by Riot on Thursday, and what it showed was another character of the tactical first-person shooter, Valorant. Sova, who hails from the snowy peaks of Russia, has tracking arrows that are bound to confirm your next kill. His looks are not the only thing that will blow you away, as the stunning Russian agent gets abilities that will do the job.

However, the teaser didn’t show us the Russian tracker’s ultimate ability, which is titled Hunter’s Fury. The ability allows Sova to fire three bolts that travel to the end of the map penetrating walls that come in its way, dealing with massive bursts of damage to every enemy character it hits. His other abilities are not that lethal, but still very useful. The Owl Drone and Recon bolt have zero damages to the enemies, but that should be no problem for someone who executes enemies with single shots.

Sova wasn’t the first character to get the spotlight in a gameplay trailer as they were two more characters showcased before him, which were Phoenix and Viper. If you have missed them, be sure to check them out. There has been a total of eight Valorant characters revealed.

Here we do a rundown on what his abilities are capable of.

Owl Drone: The Owl Drone is the eyes of the hunter on the battlefield, scouting the map and revealing potential targets. The Owl Drone was one of the first things you get to see in the trailer, showing Sova releasing the Owl Drone from his wrist to scout the map. Scouting is not the only thing the drone does, as it can shoot darts at enemies, revealing them.

Recon Bolt: The second ability we get to have our eyes on the trailer is the Recon Bolt. This is particularly useful for showing where the last person on the map is, or if certain players are hiding ready to ambush. What the ability does is, it lets Sova fire an arrow somewhere where he might suspect an enemy might be. As soon as the arrow lands, it starts its job of revealing enemies on the map pinging their location. The arrow can be destroyed, however.

Shock Bolt: This ability is not shown in the trailer; it lets Sova fire an electric bolt, which damages the enemies on impact.

Hunter’s Fury: This is the ultimate ability, and it lets Sova fire three shots that travel through the entire map, marking and causing significant damage to anyone it hits.

Sova is a bit different than the previous characters we saw. Phoenix is perfect for great plays, and Viper has excellent crowd control with her poisonous abilities. Sova is tactical comparatively, as his main focus is swiftly eliminating the enemy and use his scouting skills to reveal the rest. This makes him pretty valuable for any team matchup as he provides lethal damage along with crucial intel. Long-range will definitely be advantageous for Sova, allowing him to pick off targets of the map and finish off whoever is left from his Ultimate.

Riot has said to give Valorant a beta in the future, but no official dates have been announced. Valortant is expected to release this summer.

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