Wasteland 3 Gets Ready for Beta Testing on 17 March

Wasteland 3 Gets Ready for Beta Testing on 17 March

Massively supported by crowdfunding, Wasteland 3 now gets ready to launch into the Beta phase of the testing. InXile entertainment says that the feedback will help them in polishing the game and be successful in making the game is fun and exciting, meeting everyone’s expectations.

Inxile Entertainment reveals that the beta testing will be going online at 9 am PDT, 17 March. The supporters who have backed the game by pledging to the Early bird deal, which had the cost of $25, or any higher tier deal will be getting the Wasteland 3 Beta key in an email from Crowd Ox. After entering the Beta code, you should head to steam to redeem the game, and then eventually, supporters will be able to download the client then after the launch time.

People who had participated in the alpha testing of the game will not receive a Beta key. They will gain access automatically once the Beta goes online. Inxile further advises that if the supporters face any problem while updating to the Beta, they should try removing the game entirely and then do a fresh reinstall.

Inxile, however, stresses that the game is still in development, and it is not the complete and final experience. It is a pre-release look, and the players will most likely face many types of bugs and problems. There will be optimization problems that will most likely improve when the game makes its full launch.

Problems and issues that any of the players would face should be reported to the developers via the feedback site, which can be accessed through the Beta’s main menu, and Inxile can fix those bugs delivering a more improved version of the game.

The Beta test will make you play through the first few hours of the game, which will feature some new areas and also includes character creation. Wasteland 3 will be everywhere when the Beta finally launches as InXile decided to have no NDA on the Beta testing. With no NDA, players will be able to record, share, and stream gameplay whenever they like.

The complete game will launch on 19 May, so anyone who didn’t get a chance to participate in the Beta testing will not have to wait much longer to experience the game. The Beta-testing however, has no termination date, and it’s not clear if it will even end.

When will Wasteland 3 Beta go live?

9 am PDT, 17 March.

What is included in the Beta?

The first few areas of the game and character customization.

When do we receive our keys?

As soon as the Beta goes live.

I had the Alpha; why didn’t I receive a Beta code?

On 9 am PDT, 17 March through Steam alpha-level backers will auto-update to the Beta.

What to do once I receive a key?

The key will be redeemable through steam like any other game.

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