What fans are expecting from the new Open-World Star Wars game, announced by the Ubisoft production?

Open-World Star Wars game

EA (Electronic Arts), Disney, and the Lucas Film/Lucas Art have an ongoing relationship since October 2012, when Disney pulled its plug on the Lucas Arts by dropping in 4$ million investments and announced that a new era of storytelling will emerge in Star Wars that will take place under the Lucas film game banner. Now in 2021, the Lucas film claims that Ubisoft is producing an Open-World Star Wars game.

Unfortunately, no date and day of the release is announced as no one can actually understand what has happened here, but few details have been given: Massive Entertainment is working on producing and designing, The Division is developing this game’s sequel, Julian Greighty is its Creative Director, who is also the director of Division 2 and the Crew, and Missive’s Snowdrop Engine is the core of its foundation. As Per to tweets, not much can be predicted but there is one thing for that this game is being made with EA and multiple other publishers, as the CEO of Ubisoft and co-founder of Yves Guillemot says to Massive Entertainment, “create an original Star Wars adventure that is different from anything that has been done before.”

What fans are expecting from the Open Word Star Wars game

Before listing what fans want, it should be noted that these are mere speculation and not official promises made by the producers.

  • Interesting storytelling: the fans are hyped about the need that the game must have amazing story telling or story background, whenever it lands in the market.
  • Release on exact date/day/time: keeping in view the history of the developers of ‘The division’ releases and their strategies to meet the expectations, fans want this game to have no technical glitches and the games to be released at the date and time promised.
  • No competitive loot challenges: many movie supporters are sensitive about the weaponry used in great Star Wars movies and are of the view that the games should not be about loot competition as the stories are not aligned with the purpose of chasing the best weapon.

Moreover, even the gamer community was very dissatisfied with “The Rise of Skywalker” as the entire plot was dependent on finding the best ship.

Hyper spacing and combat space travel: now Star Wars has always been the source of amusement for space lovers. The movie has its own two foundational universes with different environments, being exotic and diversified with their own fantastical beings.

Therefore, many viewers preferred to have all the type of space travels which will help the players to vent from one universe to another just like the lightspeed (a la “Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order”), and the worlds of Star Wars to be connected into a single map, aiding the users to navigate different worlds.

After all, this will be a space game, and maintaining, acquiring, and upgrading a personal spaceship is an absolute fantasy of every Star Wars fan.

The famous Star Wars light swords or lightsabers: this is the most iconic weapon of all in the Star Wars films. Fans are so hyped that many viewers even stated that even if the game doesn’t include The Force, Sith, Jedi (most important collaterals of the series), the game must have lightsabers as the game would be incomplete without it. Taking the gamers perspective in mind, gaming is all about having power fantasy, hence these lightsabers are the most overpowered weapon, which can virtually cut anything and shoots lasers, the EA production must add it in this game.

Many suggestions and expectations were given but it is impossible to state all, so above were the most relevant ones.

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