Biggest Collaboration of the Time: Xbox with Jordan

Xbox and Jordan Partnership

Xbox has been observed among the most played indoor video game console. Its craze is not only found among the youngsters, but also the elderly ones. Especially boys crave for it the most. There is news on the internet related to its various updates. Those who are enthusiastic about this, keep a proper check on what is going to happen next or what other product is being launched related to their favorite game product.

If you are one of those who are listed among the top game lovers, then this is not an issue of ignorance, but to look upon, for the gamers out there! Yes, the most significant collaboration of time is going to take place. It has been revealed shortly on Xbox’s Twitter account that there is going to take place collaboration between Xbox and Jordan Brand.

Xbox has recently teased a collaboration with Jordan Brand while posting an enigmatic video on its Twitter account.

People who are the most interested in games and stuff related to that are well informed about the athletic brands that serve the quality products for their consumers.

The most quality names are Nike, Adidas, Jordan, and many more. Jordan brand is a subsidiary of Nike, which was created for former NBA player Michael Jordan.

So, Jordan’s Brand most recent collaboration is not just for the footwear devotees; it is also going to have something for the gamers as well.

The collaboration post being posted on account of Xbox was not entirely overt, but it shows the logos of both Jump man and Xbox, covering a red background. The tagline for the post has something written like this “Get Ready to Redefine the Game” with the date 13th February in numerals.

Even though it is not the first time when Jordan Brand is collaborating with a gaming industry, the brand also has teamed up with a top-rated video game franchise of ‘Fortnite‘ last year. By the tweet, additional information regarding the collaboration will be updated shortly, but still, the two brands are yet to reveal the time frame.

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