The Race Between Youtube and Twitch

Youtube vs Twitch

Video games’ streaming is quite an easy and efficient way to interact with gamers or members of the game community from all around the world. It also allows gamers to interact and to brag their skills.

When it comes to games and streaming, a gamer might be well aware of the term Twitch. It provides viewers with a platform that is easy to access for viewing the content from anywhere in the world.

Over the years, Twitch has remained an unquestionable live-streaming king. But then, there has been another name inserted in the field which is most frequently used, and that is YouTube. As far as YouTube is concerned, it has started to catch-up recently, while making its live streaming quite recognized and well working as well.

Starting a stream might be challenging at first, especially if one is naïve to making online videos. There has been a vast struggle going on between the two most used and imperative sites, Twitch and YouTube. There have been various competitors lined up against Twitch, but all of these were unable to match its viewership. It is going to take much struggle to take down Twitch, where YouTube is not ready to allow Twitch to get capped as a streaming king.

Comparing the game content streaming on Twitch, it has risen to 17% to January 2019.

More than 842 Million hours watched in January have been observed on Twitch, which is more than twice to its closest competitors. Whereas, YouTube gaming has also come across the most substantial yearly increase with 358 Million hours watched in January 2020 as compared to 287 Million hours in January 2019.

YouTube has invested plentiful resources in making YouTube gaming the most appealing one to the live streamers.

A vast competition has been observed between Twitch and YouTube so far. The race between these two is still ongoing but what has been seen is Twitch is topping the list for now. Although YouTube has been making tremendous efforts to become the leading source for live streaming, still it is a step away from Twitch. Now, it is a matter of consideration for the gamers to observe that who wins the race.

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