Activision Decides to Remove Zombie Mode from Call of Duty Mobile

Activision Decides to Remove Zombie Mode from Call of Duty Mobile

One of the best-rated mobile games of the year 2019 is undoubtedly Call of Duty, which has been loved not only by the critics but has also been earning big numbers for their developers Activision.

The mobile app of this game lets the user play one of the popular maps of this franchise having several modes. After the launch of CoD mobile app, the most popular mode, that gathered high rating by the fans was the Zombies mode. However, it was recently announced that this mode isn’t going to be available now. Let’s get to know more!

Confirmed Announcement

Activision, the famous brand which has developed the game, has recently updated on its official subreddit that a few changes are going to be seen in the CoD mobile app.

They particularly highlighted the axing of the Zombie mode, stating that it will be removed on March 25th.

The Activision team has also published that we concluded after hours of evaluation, and it was decided that the mode wasn’t on that quality level, which was the demand of the developers. It seems like the previously selected release of the latest zombie map will no longer part of the game.

The team also stated that Zombie mode would be back once they transform it to the level loved and deserved by the fans. Till then, players will only have to focus on Multiplayer and Battle Royale Mode.

COD Mobile: Changes to be Seen

The development team of the game will now focus on making other modes better, putting all their resources, as the zombie mode is out of the series. The fans should expect a power-packed content stream for the battle royale and standard multiplayer modes.

The development team has started working on the latest updates of the Call of Duty mobile app. It is all set to stream another season of the content known as the Season Disavowed.

Season Disavowed comes with a package of interesting and exciting content for the players, just like previous seasons. The kit includes maps and accessories, including the map Cage. Throughout the season, freshly brewed content will be expected to be seen.

This news has been a significant disappointment to the fans as the main activity of the game is being axed. But, many updates have been promised by the development team. So, there will be loads of high-quality content for gamers to dig in.

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