8 Tips to Improve Gaming Experience on Mac

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8 Tips to Improve Gaming Experience on Mac

Macs are excellent and efficient computers that are used for many different purposes, like work, writing, music creation, and all kinds of entertainment.

However, Mac is rarely the first choice for a computer when it comes to gaming. But it should not mean that if you invest a bunch of money in a Mac so you can work, you will need to invest another bunch to purchase a proper computer for gaming.

Therefore in this article, we will share some tips that will help you improve your gaming experience on a Mac.

Tip #1: Store Your Passwords in One Place

If you are into online gaming, either it is a regular game or a browser game, you will have an account with a password either way. And sometimes it may be difficult to find passwords on mac.

All of your passwords are stored on an app called Keychain Access. Therefore, if you would like to look up the password of any app or software you have on your or Mac or edit it, you would need to go to the Keychain Access app, choose between Local and iCloud options, search for the item you want to find, double-tap it, and select “Show password.”

Tip #2: Experiment With Different Game Clients

Experimenting with different game clients is beneficial because you can find the best deals this way. As you are using a Mac, the easiest way to find new games is by downloading them directly from the App Store. It has quite a selection but rarely gives you great deals on games.

On the other hand, other game clients like Steam, Epic Games, or Origin give good deals on games and their expansion packs more often.

Tip #3: Use a Controller

Use a Controller

Depending on the types of games you enjoy playing, you might want to purchase a video game controller. For example, if you play Need For Speed or Forza Horizon, a controller might make the game more enjoyable and improve the gaming experience with vibrations when your car crashes.

On the other hand, if you are more of a fan of shooter games like Counter-Strike, you may want to stick to the keyboard and mouse for more precise shooting and moving around.

Tip #4: Ensure You Have Enough Free Disk Space

If a Mac has less than 10% of free disk space, it will probably begin to lag, especially if you launch a game that uses up a lot of the system’s resources. Then the game will lag as well.

To ensure that you have enough disk space, uninstall apps you do not need, clean up your desktop, empty the Trash Bin, remove duplicate files, and use a cloud storage service if you are still unable to clear up enough disk space.

Tip #5: Review Login Items

Login items are the apps that automatically launch after you turn on your computer. It is okay to have a couple of them if you are planning to use them right after you start up your Mac.

Otherwise, you should narrow down the list of startup items because it will slow down the entire Mac’s performance as well. To edit the list of startup items, click on the Apple icon, choose System Preferences, Users & Groups, and go to the Login Items. Here, highlight what you want to remove from the list and click the minus icon at the bottom to confirm.

Tip #6: Check Activity Monitor

Check Activity Monitor

Activity Monitor will help you get a better understanding of which items are using up most of the system’s resources. This means that those items can be the ones that cause your game to lag, and if you do not need those apps running in the background, the best solution is to quit them.

To launch Activity Monitor, click Command + Space to enter Spotlight Search and enter Activity Monitor. The CPU usage tab will show you which apps are using the most resources.

Tip #7: Use an External Graphics Processing Unit

External Graphics Processing Unit

An external graphics processing unit is a graphics card that improves the graphics power in addition to the internal video processor.

If a Thunderbolt 3 standard is compatible with your Mac, it could greatly improve your gaming performance. More to it, by using an eGPU, you would be able to try out such accessories as virtual reality headsets.

Tip #8: Purchase a Cooling Pad

Using a MacBook that is very close to overheating will simply shut down to protect the entire computer from the damage that a total overheating could cause. And that does not sound like the perfect scenario, especially if you like to play online, right?

Therefore, to prevent your computer from overheating, it is smart to invest in a cooling pad for your Mac. 

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