All the Rumours you Need to Know About the Upcoming GTA VI

All the Rumours you Need to Know About the Upcoming GTA VI

Grand Theft Auto has been one of the most popular games and not only amongst the kids but also among the adults. After the release of GTA 5, a lot of change has been seen is the quality and efficiency of the Rockstar Games.

The rumors have been spinning that since many new consoles like Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles are on their way, and the most famous franchise by Rockstar can rock them.

We let you know everything about Grand Theft Auto 6 in this article, and we hope you’ll love it!

GTA VI: Gameplay

We haven’t got many details about the GTA games, however, generally include significant areas of consideration and room for improvement. The storyline and character of the Grand Theft Auto usually carry many details with them, as the developers, Rockstar Games pay a lot of attention to the settings, story, and details of the characters. As the main focus is always the setting, fans will be waiting if it’s going to be the Liberty City, Los Santos, or any other area at this time. The primary setting and playground are yet a mystery on which the players will survive and fight in the game.

The official trailer of the game will be released soon. We also have the news that the sixth edition of the GTA will involve a visit to the Vice City, which was loved in GTA 3 being similar to the city of Miami, Florida.

Rockstar Games has also asked the fans to lift the expectations on the level of Sony and Microsoft. The room to play will be larger, and there will be additional details on the map, which will make it reach the top.

GTA VI: Story

The main focus of the story will be criminality as the previous versions of the games involved. However, it will add its new flavor to the world, so we should expect some change.

Also, the co-founder of the company is leaving the studio this month, who has played an integral part intoning the franchise. As one of the essential members and writers is leaving the place, so the change is highly expected.

GTA VI: Release date and availability

Before suggesting some possible release dates, we will like to let you aware of the background. Rockstar has released the fifth edition of the GTA in 2013, and have started to develop the sixth edition probably in 2014.

It underwent the making of Red Dead Redemption and PS4 and Xbone One version of GTA 5. All this work probably has taken a lot of time for the game. So, if all this logic is applied, then we can be suggested that the Rockstar is planning the release in late 2020 or probably in early 2021, as per the news leaked by the playtester. 2020 is said to be a critical stage of the publication; however, fans must wait for the original versions till 2021.

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