Xbox Series X – Specs, Features and Launch Date

Source: Microsoft

Who isn’t aware of the famous Xbox, the company is all set to launch the tenth of the Xbox series “Xbox Series X” which is said to be one of the best quality, powerful console ever.

In this article, we have compiled everything you want to know about the new Xbox gaming console.

Xbox Series X: Specs

xbox Series X Specs
Source: Microsoft

Xbox Series X is the next generation machine designed by Microsoft, all set to oust the PlayStation 5. The developers disclosed the first look in 2018, calling it Project Scarlett. Later in December 2019, it was revealed officially, showing the design for the first time.

It is similar to a mini-tower PC rather than a gaming console. It was designed like a shape of a monolithic stack, which can either placed vertically or horizontally as per your need, being more practical.

The complete list of the specification is not officially announced, but according to the glimpse, some key details are as follows:

Processor[Custom] AMD Zen 2 (8 Cores) with the base clock at 3.6Ghz
Graphics[Custom] AMD RDNA 2 (12 Teraflops)
RAM (Memory)GDDR6
StorageNVMe Storage (Read/write speed up to 2GB/s)
PortsUSB Type-1 x3 and HDMI are confirmed (CFExpress Port x1 not confirmed)
Optical Drive4k Blu-ray
ResolutionUp to 8k @ 120Hz

Xbox Series X: Controller

Xbox Series X Controller
Source: Microsoft

According to the official sources, along with the Xbox Series X, a wireless controller will also be released. It will come with an addition of a share button, having a similar D-pad disc like the one on Xbox Elite controllers.

One of the fascinating features about the Xbox Series X is it will work with accessories of the previous Xbox series, making it handy to play multiplayer, without burdening your pockets.

Xbox Series X: Launch Games

The Xbox Series X, just like other consoles, has several launch games that are executable in the previous Xbox console series and also in Windows 10.

The console will launch the famous Halo Infinite with the latest chapter. However, it can also be played on other consoles, not being exclusive for the Series X.

Not only that, the console will launch a sequel of the famous Hellblade, along with the confirmation of Cyberpunk 2077, which is also playable on the console.

Release Date

The rumors were spread by the fans that either in November or in early December, Xbox Series X will be available, mainly confirming a holiday present for the gamers. However, the official confirmation will be done at E3 2020 in June.

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