Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition is All Set to Take the PC Gaming Experience to the Next Level

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition is All Set to Take the PC Gaming Experience to the Next Level
Image: Westwood Studios

Blade Runner, Westwood Studios’ 1997 adventure game, which is a point and clicks classic based on Ridley Scott’s famous Blade Runner, is making a massive comeback as it comes to modern platforms, courtesy of Nightdive Studios.

The remastered Blade Runner is coming to all current platforms Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One under the title Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition.

The game has been brought back by Nightdive using its proprietary KEX game engine. The same engine which has been used to revive several classic titles such as Forsaken Remastered, Turok, Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, Blood, and System Shock: Enhanced Edition.

The remastered edition of the classic will have better and feature updated character models along with the animations. These cutscenes will be upscaled for new resolutions, support for the widescreen resolution, and of course, support for your keyboard and controller along with customization, which was all revealed by Nightdive in a news release. Unfortunately, NIghtdive did not release or show any video or screenshots to support the announcement, which is a bummer as we get to see nothing from the remastered Blade Runner.

The story of Westwood’s Blade Runner revolves Roy McCoy, a detective and a hunter going after androids that have gone rogue. The game tells a side story rather than following the 1982 film or making a sequel to the story. The game has a nonlinear narrative that is connected with the 1982 movie having the same name. However, the characters and environments show interaction with the main character in the game. The rogue android hunter, Roy McCoy is the main focus of the story. Taking place alongside the 1982 film which has the same title, the story is non-linear and in the game, we can see the protagonist interacting with characters of the movie and also with the environments found in the movie.

You can grab the original Westwood’s Blade Runner on GOG for Windows PC, Mac, and even Linux. The re-release was the fruitful product of hard work of eight years to get the classic game running on the ScummVM program; it arrived in December.

Nightdive CEO Stephen Kick said that they had made efforts to preserve the essence and vision of Westwood’s original classic while remastering the graphics and elevate the overall gaming experience in a way that has not been seen before. This game is a remarkable achievement, and it deserves to be remastered, and that is why the game was brought back by Nightdive, using its KEX game engine. Additionally, he said that the game should feel the way it was meant to be while you enjoy the benefits of playing the jaw-dropping classic on modern hardware.

It’s a big year for Westwood revivals as the company is remastering the Command & Conquer and releasing with its Command & Conquer Remastered Collection.

Blade Runner Enhanced edition will be available later this year.

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