How to Find Your Genshin Impact Username (2023 Guide)

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How to Find Your Genshin Impact Username (2023 Guide)

Are you looking for a way to find your Genshin Impact username? You might have forgotten about it or just have simply overlooked it. 

If that’s the case, you might be facing the issue where you can not access your Genshin Impact account. 

You can try to log in using your email address instead of the Game’s username. However, if you have not linked your email address as well, you would not be able to access your account using the email login method.

So what to do in this case, when you do not have your username and don’t have an email account linked to your Game account? In this article, you’ll learn how to find out or view your Genshin Impact username by following 5 simple steps to retrieve your misplaced or forgotten username.

Once you’ve found your username, you will be able to access your account by logging in using the username and the password of that account.


How To Find Genshin Impact Username?

To locate or view your Genshin Impact usernames, you have to head to the “forgot password?” section to reset your account’s password.

After you have changed your password, you will see your username when you open Genshin Impact.

However, some things need to be addressed before you reset your password. 

You’ve to enter and validate your email address, after which you will be able to change/reset the password of your Game account. 

Once that is done, the game’s username will be visible on the login screen, which can then be safely noted down or stored.

However, it is worth noting that if you do not have access to your email account, you might not be able to change your account’s password, and hence, would be unable to view or find your Genshin Impact username.

If this is the case, don’t worry, and get assistance from miHoYo. You can ask for assistance by sending an email to miHoYo at this address.

So, without further ado let’s get to the steps to locate your Genshin Impact username:

Step 1: Open Genshin Impact and Choose “Forgot Password?”

Click on Forgot Password
Click on Forgot Password

First, you have to change your Genshin Impact account Password.

As we have mentioned earlier, you have to reset your password, after which you will be able to see your game’s username.

  • Open Genshin Impact and log out of your account. If you’ve logged out already it is good too
  • If you’re in the game, press the “Esc” key on your keyboard to view the Paimon menu. After that click the exit option on the left sidebar. Then use the “Affirm” option to exit the game
  • Finally, click the exit icon on the bottom right corner of the screen, then click “Ok” to exit from your Genshin Impact account
  • After that, you will get to see the login screen in Genshin Impact. You have to click the “forgot password?” option on the screen

Step 2: Enter Your Genshin Impact Email Address

Enter your Genshin Impact Email Address
  • Now you will see the “Forgot Password” page
  • The page will have a field titled “Username/Email”. Here, you will have the option to either enter your Game username or your email address
  • Since you have forgotten or misplaced your game username, you can not enter it, instead, you have to enter your email address
  • Enter the email account address that is linked to the Game’s account, in the “Username/Email” field
  • After that, click on the “Next” button to head to the next step of this process

As mentioned earlier, if you don’t have access to your email address, you won’t be able to proceed using this method and you might need to contact miHoYo for further assistance

Step 3: Finish The Security Verification

Complete the security verification
Complete the security verification
  • After that, you will see the “Security Verification” page
  • Here, you need to verify the email address which you’ve entered to further proceed with this process

The verification is required for the proof that you are the owner of the account that is mentioned earlier.

  • After that, you’ve to click on the “Send Code” button to send a verification code to the email address mentioned before
  • The verification code will be received shortly in 2-5 minutes. After that, you need to open the email with the verification code and then copy it
  • After that, paste the verification code into the “Verification Code” section
  • It is worth noting that sometimes our email service provider marks the email as spam
  • If this is the case, you might not see the email, and you need to check your junk and spam folder for it
  • After the verification, you need to click on the “Next” button to verify your email address

Step 4: Create a New Password

Create a new password
Create a new password
  • After the verification, you will now see the “Set New Password” page.
  • Here, you need to create a new strong password for your Genshin Impact account.
  • On the page, you will see some fields on the page titled “New Password” and “Confirm Password”
  • To proceed, set a new password by entering it in the “New Password” section.
  • Obviously, you have to create a new password as your new password can not be the same as your old password. 
  • Then you have to enter your new password again in the “Confirm Password” section to confirm your new password.

Step 5: To View Your Username, Open Genshin Impact

Open Genshin Impact to view your username
Your username will be visible in the Highlighted section
  • After resetting your password, you now need to open Genshin Impact 
  • After opening the game, you will see a “Password Successfully Changed” message pop up on your screen
  • Now that it is done, you will now see your Genshin Impact username in the login section
  • If it is not visible, you might need to log out of your account
  • To log out, you need to click the exit icon on the left bottom corner of the screen, and then click “Ok” to log out of your account
  • Once it is done, you will now be able to see your Genshin Impact username

Bottom Line

Hope this guide resolved your issue and now you have found your Genshin Impact username.

The method mentioned above, however, does require you to have access to your email account. If not, you can not use this method to view your Genshin Impact username. 

Alternatively, you might need to contact miHoYo for assistance by emailing them at the email address mentioned above.

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