God of War Studio Head takes Reins of the Google Stadia Team

New Playa Vista office
Photo: Google

The launch of Stadia wasn’t the cloud-stream gaming dream Google envisioned, but Google is not giving up on the idea just yet. Google opened another game development studio in Playa Vista, LA. The exciting part is that Google also hired Shannon Studstill, the former head of the God of War studio, to run it.

Jade Raymond, Google Stadia Game’s executive in charge showed her admiration for Shannon, saying that she has been a fan of the former God of war studio head for quite some time. She says that she has admired the way Shannon has led Sony’s Santa Monica Studio leading it to make award-winning franchises that have won the hearts of fans all over the world.

Moreover, Jade adds that Shannon will inspire the whole Playa Vista team when she takes over the studio as she is a visionary. Shannon also has over 19 years of experience when it comes to product development and leadership. Jade does seem quite happy to welcome Shannon into her Stadia team.

Raymond says that the Playa Vista Studio will focus mainly on delivering exclusive games and using brand new gameplay mechanics. This should help bring Stadia to bring players towards its platform. The Canadian video game producer further added that for now, they are not ready to share anything specific concerning game plans. Still, she did assure that they are taking input from gamers adding their twists as well, which will help them create new experiences.

Now Stadia Games has a total number of two game development studios. The first being in Montreal, Canada, which opened up in October 2019. However, Google has not publicly disclosed who is in charge of running that studio at this time. It does make sense for Google to have studios both in California and Canada. Big studio names such as Blizzard have set shop in LA, the populous city of California is home to several other game studios as well.

Launching in 2019, Google Stadia felt somewhat like a half-baked proposition, according to the Digital Foundry review. The biggest reason for the downfall of Stadia might be the lack of exclusives it had on its platforms, and maybe Stadia Game’s team recognized this mistake as they are ten or more exclusives promised by July 2020, very few of them are known though.

Spellings has already been released, and Lost Words will be out on 27th March. Other titles include Stacks on Stacks, Get Packed, Orcs Must Die! 3. Baldur’s Gate 3 will launch on both Steam Early Access and Stadia, but it will have some features that will be exclusive to Stadia alone.

Santa Monica, on the other hand, has decided who will be filling Studstill’s place as IGN reported that Yumi Yang would be leading the studio. She is a 19 year PlayStation veteran and has worked on PlayStation 4’s award-winning exclusive, God of War.

The only way you can get access to this game is to purchase it from Stadia, Pro subscription, or through a buddy pass from a registered user, which costs $10 a month with 4K streaming access.

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