It’s In The Clouds: Amazon, Xbox And Parsec Step Up Cloud Gaming Presence

Cloud Gaming Presence

Beyond the latest gaming peripherals, consumers are interested in seeing what other developments are cropping up in the field of gaming. Around 52% of consumers have expressed an increased interest in cloud gaming, according to Piplsay. To meet that interest, large giants like Amazon and Xbox, and even startups like Parsec, are increasing their presence in cloud gaming.

Amazon Luna’s Cloud Service Now On Android

Amazon Luna is Amazon’s US-only cloud gaming service that was launched in October last year. It was essentially a channel-based service for which consumers would pay a subscription fee to obtain access to certain channels of games of their liking. The service was, at first, limited to Mac, PC, Apple products like the iPad and iPhone, and Fire TV. Now, Amazon has announced that Luna is available for Android users with version 9 or higher. This move will ensure that more consumers will be able to experience the convenience and accessibility of cloud services, which are now used by an increasing number of businesses.

Xbox’s Project xCloud Ups Games With Touch Control

Microsoft’s cloud gaming for their Xbox, called Project xCloud, enabled consumers to stream games directly to their mobile devices. While being able to game on the go was a delight for many, there was some concern regarding the playability of certain games on smaller screens. Project xCloud responded by adding 22 more games with touch-optimized controls for mobile gamers. Some of the titles include Minecraft Dungeons, UnderMine, and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. The added titles are a big surge, as it previously only had 12 touch-optimized games for audiences.

Parsec Acquires $25M For Cloud Gaming And Remote Work

Parsec is a startup that was kindled in 2016 by CEO Benjy Boxer and CTO Chris Dickson. Their goal was to facilitate easier access for consumers to connect to their technology from anywhere. To fulfill this goal, they started by helping consumers connect to their gaming PCs from other devices through their app. Now, Parsec has raised $25M in Series B funding that will be allocated toward developing a better cloud gaming platform and improving their pre-existing remote work platform.

The future of cloud gaming is bright and full of innovation. With the gaming industry only widening its reach, it’s not really surprising that brands are stepping up their efforts to be visible to the gaming crowd. So it’ll be exciting to see what other updates and players throw their hat into the cloud gaming ring.

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