The Popular Free to Play MOBA League of Legends has its Forums Closed

League of Legends has its Forums Closed

After years of communicating, helping out, discussing everything from client patches to new champions, Riot is finally saying goodbye to the League of Legends Boards.

Riot will, however, give a time of a week to fans so they can save any crucial conversations or attachments they want to keep. As for the old forums, they will be made read-only on March 9, and after March 19, the old forums will be completely inaccessible.

Many people reading this already know what a ‘board’ is, but for those who don’t, it is an internet forum for people to discuss things. The term has lost its popularity over the years, and it now is even less remembered as League of Legends proceeds to shut down their Boards.

Riot did acknowledge that some of the fans do use the boards daily, so it wasn’t easy for Riot to make this decision

Still, it was clear that the Boards weren’t as popular as they used to be, players, as well as Rioters all, chose to keep their discussion on other community forums such as Discord and Reddit. (It all meant fewer people remained active on the Boards.)

Boards took the place of the old forums several years ago, where people could interact with each other and even the developers. Riot also used the Boards to discuss changes that would be brought later in the game.

Fans will not be entirely disconnected by the developers, though, as the developers will continue to interact with the fans through their social media pages, Twitter profiles, and their popular Youtube channel. Moreover, news regarding champion updates, releases, skin sales, and patch notes will always be available on the official League of Legends website.

The reaction of the fans has mostly been quiet, which is enough reason for Riot to shutdown the Boards. It’s a bit tragic honestly to say goodbye to the thousands of conversations that fans had, helping each other or just raging on a client bug. It’s always sad to see traditional forums being brought down.

Riot has made their decision, Boards and the old forums will no longer be available after March discussions about the famous MOBA game will continue on many other community sites.

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