Microsoft Announces The DirectX 12 Ultimate Supporting All Next-generation Graphics Hardware

Microsoft Announces The DirectX 12

Team Microsoft announced a new version of gaming and multimedia graphic technology as the successor of the best graphic technology, DirectX 12 (DX12).

DirectX 11 was responsible for giving you a powerpack gaming experience giving you the best visuals and audio. Similar to it, Microsoft promised that its successor known as DirectX 12 Ultimate would offer a more high-quality experience unifying the inclinations of Windows along with the Xbox and delivering the best feature set.

Due to the current coronavirus outbreak, you’ll not be observing the release until the end of this year; however, we are expecting to see it supporting the launch of Xbox Series X at Christmas.

The ultimate version of the DX12 can not be said to be far ahead of its predecessor, as it was the first graphics application programming interface that was developed in 2014. However, it successfully brings many software updates, including the most popular Ray Tracing 1.1. It is the most important feature of software where you will not require a GPU to ping the CPU. This most significant update can create the optimization of games, including the ones playable of the Xbox Series X, AMD, and Nvidia graphics cards. It will make your gaming experience smoother and will be efficient too. Surprisingly, the Application Programming Interface will also be supporting the older platforms such as the previous series of Xbox and PCs to be intact.

Microsoft published a press release in which it was stated that the purchasing of the graphics hardware having the DX12 Ultimate logo or an Xbox Series X, you’ll be guaranteed that it’ll be supporting all the future generation hardware updates. All the future hardware updates, including Variable Rate Shading, Sampler Feedback, Mesh Shader, and DirectX Raytracing. It will be a milestone that once you buy it, you’ll have the security that this will support all the next-generation games.

However, it should be clear that you don’t have to undergo many changes as it’ll not alter any considerable changes immediately. However, it will be essential for all the developers to have all the next-generation changes related to PC, Nvidia RTX cards, both operable on a single platform.

Using DX12 Ultimate, you can not only optimize the game but also make it playable on different Xbox devices or PC having Nvidia or AMD cards. AMD and Nvidia both announced that DX12 Ultimate would be supporting their card. The AMD team declared that for its upcoming GPU architecture known as RDNA 2, which be playable on the future consoles of both PS and Xbox. However, Nvidia only works with the PS and Microsoft closely. DX12 Ultimate will only be supporting advanced AMD cards, but more used Nvidia GPUs can execute it efficiently.

Microsoft also promised that in the future, the DX12 Ultimate would be able to run the games with efficiency and run-time even when having limited resources to have a more advanced virtual effect that only high-ended hardware can achieve quickly.

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