Nvidia Cloud Gaming competes Google Stadia: Nvidia cloud gaming service has moved out of beta testing now!

Nvidia Cloud Gaming competes Google Stadia

Nvidia Cloud Gaming is a service that lets you play a lot of games that you already own on any game vendor platform like Steam, Epic, and Uplay, etc. on Nvidia’s cloud machines (virtually) which means you need to own the game on an existing PC game distributor to run it on their cloud machines.

Cloud services allow you to play any game you own on any secondary device, so it is more of a compliment to a variety of PC gamers.

How does cloud gaming service works?

The company, here Nvidia has lots of pre-downloaded and ready to play games on their servers, all it takes is searching for them in the program and once you are in the cloud machine you login to your steam account or any other game distributor and once you click on play.

It just starts streaming the game on your screen. It does not require you to download the game on your PC. It will directly catch all the needed files and data from their servers and show them to your screen.

Requirements for Nvidia’s cloud service gaming

Nvidia’s cloud gaming service can be accessed from any computer having MAC OS 10.10 or better or any 64-bit Windows 7 or newer. This service can also be accessed from Android phone devices as well as from Nvidia shield TV. Android phones must have 2GB of ram at least and Android version 5.0 or newer.

Now let’s discuss the internet requirements required to access the Nvidia cloud gaming service because a good internet connection is one of the important things needed to access this service, you need to have at least 15Mbps for 720p at 60fps and 25 Mbps for 1080p at 60fps. You’ll also need to use a hardwired Ethernet connection or 5GHz wireless router.

There are also a few minimum hardware requirements that are necessary to be considered in order to use this service. Those requirements are at least 4GB of RAM in your PC with a dual-core processor and any GPU which supports DirectX 11 at least.

Comparison between Google Stadia and Nvidia’s Geforce Now

Well, both are the same things as they both allow you to access games through cloud machines but there is one change that makes a lot of difference and that thing is that Google Stadia has this requirement that you need to buy a separate version of the game if you want to use Stadia services.

Unlike that, in Nvidia cloud gaming service you do not need to buy a separate version of the game. Nvidia allows you to access any game you already have in your game vendors’ accounts like Steam, Epic, and Uplay.

Subscriptions available for GeForce Now

Geforce Now Membership programs

There are only two subscriptions available for GeForce Now cloud gaming right now, one is for free and the other one is premium which is also called the founder subscription. At press time, there’s a limit time offer allowing you to get 6 months at a time, and get one month for free. NVIDIA offered a lucrative gaming affiliate program but was pulled in 2018 for anti-consumer criticism.

Founder subscription comes with few perks such as 90 days of free access, priority access which means no wait for your game to start.

It lets you get in the game whenever you want. It gives you priority over the people with the free subscriptions and more importantly the extended game sessions. If you have the free subscription then you won’t be having long game sessions but if you buy the premium subscription you can have extended game sessions without any interruption in your gameplay.

This is all about this, go and try these services for free now as they are available in the EU and NA regions.

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