The Valorant Episode 2: Act 1 (patch 2.0)

The fans of The Valorant have been waiting for the upcoming update for a while now, but now their suspicion has been confirmed when The Valorant Episode 2 release date has been set out in the coming hours, which is making the fan more and more eager to try out this episode as so as it releases. An ample of new changes are coming to the table but the fans are keenest to know about the new Agent Yoru.

Update timing/day/date: The wait of fans was over when the Riot Games confirmed not only the day but the time of release as well, which is 6 am PDT, January 12, 2021, in the United States; before this release, and according to our guide the Episode 1 will end from all the regions on January 11 at 10 pm, which re-enables the Episode 2 patch 2.0 planned tentatively on the following day. However, in Europe ‘The Valorant episode 2‘ was released on January 13, around 4 am.

Players knew that Episode 1 had a rather mysterious end making the fans more excited about all the new animations, lore backstories, and abilities of the new agent, battles pass and the revamped ranked system, which has been promised by Riot’s Ion Fisher, one of the developers of The Valorant, as he tweeted:

“For Episode 2, our goal with our rank update was to (hopefully) show players that we are and have been listening by delivering on what we’ve seen as the most consistent asks from the community…”

Agent Yoru: The new update has Agent Yoru with ultimate powers to create distractions and run through interfaces when he is fighting against the opposing squad. Not only enhanced distractions, but his sense of hearing is also enhanced as he can anticipate the sound of footsteps and can react to it. It might not sound like a massive improvement, but Agent Yoru is also given the authority to turn himself visible and vent into other dimensions making the gamers confuse the other players to take the wrong turn and isolate them.

Further looking into Agent Yoru’s abilities, he can also teleport, and can pull on a power full projectile against the enemies in The Valorant: Season 2, when released later in the week. So long story short, his abilities give him authority to decisive his opponents while simultaneously having the option of roaming freely. Lastly, the character’s description is also changed and will be the official description which states the new features, personal trails, it’s new and enhanced abilities, label him as delusional, and how, what, and where these abilities do and affect the character’s importance.

Further, Riot Games also praises their loyal fans and expects that fans will love the new season by saying that most of their gaming inspiration comes from how engaged and completive their players or users are, their involvement and valuable reaction towards certain characters is the reason they try making their game more challenging and interesting for the gamer’s community. In addition to this, they also tweeted their personal anecdote about the people who play online games and how they especially like the completive gamers. It’s their technique of playing and prominent features of other games that they have taken into consideration before making this new Episode.

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