The wait is finally over, HITMAN 3 is released

Hitman 3, as most of you probably know was released Wednesday, 20th January 2020. This launch date is for all the platforms- that is PS4, PS5, Google Stadia (Hitman: World of Assassination), Xbox series X and S, Xbox One, PCs, and Nintendo switch.

Therefore, Hitman has been the first anticipated game of 2021 and predicted to be kicking off on top the entire year. It belongs to stealth-based video games and chronologically it is actually the eighth-game in the series. However, in terms of the game’s own World of Assassination, it comes in the third number and is developed by the Danish Studio IO integrative.

The sequence was started from 2016 when the first Hitman was released with episodes and new missions and locations to be added on regular basis.

Hitman 3, on the other hand, has a little twist in the series but does not change the entire agenda of the game. The tricks of murdering, stealth, and combat are almost similar to the previous games. This game also possesses the stealthy approach of sneaking out, avoiding detections and alarms, and changing disguises to deceit the killers.

Another amazing function is that this game additionally built six new and catchy location locations for the user to experience disguised killing and also given the authority to the players who own 2016 Hitman and its 2018 sequel Hitman 2 to import their progression, maps, levels into Hitman 3 and utilize all the graphical updates the new game brings, while reliving those locations in much better quality.

How the games will commence: as per to developers Hitman 3 plot will be the dramatic conclusion to their World of Assassination Trilogy and the player will experience to travel all around the world in a marvellous adventure that even leads to sandbox locations with the Agent 47 meeting the world’s dangerous and exciting new contractors.

Since this game is more based on Agent 47 ‘s personal life, the new contractors will be someone from the agent’s personal life. As Mattias Engstrom, the director of the game quotes, “Hitman 3 has a much darker tone than the previous games in the trilogy. On top of the core Hitman experience, we are mixing in some surprise elements, an evocative atmosphere, and a very real sense of closure.

Additionally, mention that the six new locations introduced in Hitman 3 as mentions above make this game more challenging and complex for the user as these new places are underworld countries called Dubai, Dartmoor, Berlin, Chongqing, Mendoza, and Romania. Further noted, this new game can handle 4K visuals, 60 frames per second gameplay, high dynamic range visuals, and loading times faster than ever. Also, they are introduced for PlayStation players on virtual reality mode.

Now coming towards reviews, many reputed and elite tech experts and gaming communities like IGN, PC gamer, NME, and Game Radar have given it such excellent reviews. IGN, known for their keen evaluation, gave it 9 out of 10 and recommended it, viewers, to play it as soon as possible.

PC game follows the same footstep as IGN and was very impressed by the backdrops and a perfect swansong for Agent 47. NME mentions it as something twisted assassination and used dark humor to express the new game but in a good way as they call it “absurd international assassination at its absolute finest.”.

Lastly, game Radar wrote a rather satisfying review as they put emphasis on the trilogy being ending smoothly and completely. Finally, the game is using Xbox’s Smart Delivery System for all the players using last generation consoles

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