Top Upcoming Hardware to Keep Your Eyes On

Top Upcoming Hardware to Keep Your Eyes On

Are you thinking its the time to beef up your rig?

We got you covered as you might want to know the latest tech releases and what new components are in the market to upgrade your sweet beast. The list will help you decide if you should wait for the latest releases to come, or it could tell you whether the component you buy will stay competitive in the coming years.

Be advised; this information should be taken with a grain of salt.

Ampere 3000-series Graphics Cards

With the RTX 2060, Nvidia has remained pretty much above the competition, whether we consider ray tracing or not. There is a small issue though, the RTX series was not as well-received as the 1000-series Pascal-based cards, so we know very little how Nvidia decides to proceed with the rest of the year.

Ray tracing will maintain its significance, but Nivida should most likely focus on building upon the award-winning Turing architecture, on delivering the needed raw performance, and that’s where Ampere comes in. Ampere will be manufactured through Samsung’s 7nm EUV process, whereas the earlier cards we see were made through TSMC.

RDNA 2 AMD RX 5000+

We saw RDNA for the first time in AMD’s RX 5700 and RX 5700 XT graphics cards. They were manufactured on the 7nm node by TSMC, and they released in July 2019. AMD said that what it aims with this graphics architecture is to make gaming more efficient and to reduce the overall latency while the game is running.

This architecture has elements of AMD’s older GPU architecture as well, which is GCN (Graphics Core Next), and it is has been used in GPU’s since as early as 2012. The exciting part is RDNA 2, which will improve upon its predecessor RDNA by utilizing a better-refined process node 7nm+. This is where Navi comes in.

AMD has been some steps back when it comes to the flagship GPU market, but now Navi can change that as it is rumored to be twice as powerful than the RX 5700 XT, making it higher than Nvidia’s 2080 Ti.

Moreover, the next-gen consoles Xbox series X and the PS5 will both have graphics powered by the RDNA 2. This also brings in ray tracing for these consoles, which is similar but not identical to what Nvidia provides with its GPU.

AMD Zen 3 CPUs

AMD keeps on dominating the CPU market and now plans on bringing the next iteration of the famous Zen series. Zen 3 will be using the 7nm+ process. This gives us a higher density, up to 20 percent, and up to 10 percent less power usage compared to Zen 2.

The new line of Zen 3 processors are expected to keep the same naming convention, titled Ryzen 4000 series. Not much more information about this has been released, but there are some rumors about multithreading.

The Zen 3 processors could have quad-core processors, which would have 16 threads and 64-core processors having 256 threads, which would make it four strands for a single core.

So here was everything about the new and powerful hardware we got to know about, and all of them are likely to drop in this year.

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