How to Fix “D3D_Feature_Level 11_1” in God of War in 2023

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How to Fix “D3D_Feature_Level 11_1” in God of War in 2023

You have just gotten God of War on your PC, you’re excited about participating in Kratos and Atreus’s journey but you have been getting an error message that says, “D3D_Feature_Level 11_1”.

You might also get a message saying, “version not supported”.

This should not dim your excitement because it is a common fixable error.
You need to understand the cause of this error before we get into the way to fix it.


  1. Download “dxvk-1.9.4.tar.gz”
  2. Extract the files
  3. Click on your type of system
  4. Copy all the application extensions
  5. Open the God of War file location and paste the copied application extensions
  6. Launch God of War application

The Cause for the D3D_Feature_Level11_1 error message

The main reason why you are getting this message is that your PC does not have the basic requirements to launch God of War. The requirement to launch God of war on your PC is a minimum of Feature_Level11_1.

You have probably been trying to launch it on your PC that features a limited graphics card till Feature_Level11_0.

Luckily as we have said earlier, this issue is fixable.

6 Steps to Fix the “D3D_Feature_Level11_1” error?

  • Download “dxvk-1.9.4.tar.gz”
  • Extract the files
  • Click on your type of system
  • Copy all the application extensions
  • Open the God of War file location and paste the copied application extensions
  • Launch God of War application

1. Download “dxvk-1.9.4.tar.gz”

  • Visit GitHub to download “DXVK”. It is an authorized provider for D3D11 and D3D10.
Download “dxvk-1.9.4.tar.gz"
  • When you’ve got the “DXVK” download page open, download “dxvk-1.9.4.tar.gz” by simply clicking on it.
  • After downloading it, click on “show in folder”.
Show in folder

2. Extract the files

  • The “dxvk-1.9.4.tar.gz” file appears once you click on “show in folder”
  • Right-click the file, then click on “extract file” to remove the file
Extract the files
  • Once you’ve got the file extracted, open it by double-clicking it

3. Click on your type of System

  • Once the extracted file has been opened, three files will appear which include X32, X64, files.
  • Click on the system type to open the file that has your type of system.
  • You may not know your system type and that is alright.

Follow these steps to know your system type:

  • Use windows search to look for System Information
  • Open the System Information application by clicking on it
System Information
  • You will view your type of system besides “System Type”
System Type

Once you’ve viewed your system type, go back to the open extracted file and click on the file that has your system type to open it.

Select file according to system type
Select the file according to your System type (x64 picked here as per this system)

4. Copy application Extensions

  • After that, several application extensions like d3d9, d3d10, d3d11 and will appear appear on the screen.
Copy application Extensions
  • Copy all the application extensions by selecting all of them, right-clicking then clicking on the “copy” option.
  • Alternatively, you can press “CTRL + A, then CTRL + C to copy all application extensions.

5. Open God of War file location and paste the copied application divisions

  • After that, open the God of War file location by right-clicking on the application and then clicking on “Open file location”.
  • For Windows 11, click on “Show more options” then click on “Open file location”.
Open File Location
  • The God of War file will open. Paste all the copied application extensions by right-clicking the file and clicking on paste.
Paste file extensions
  • Alternatively, press “CTRL + V” to paste the contents into the file.

6. Launch God of War Application

Once you have completed the above steps, you can now launch God of War without any issues.

The “D3D_Feature_Level11_1” error is now resolved and you will now be able to experience Kratos and Atreus’s adventures in the Game.


Hopefully, after following this guide you were able to fix the “D3D_Feature_Level 11_1” in God of War.

As we’ve talked about in this article, the main reason for this issue is that your system fails to meet the minimum system requirements to run God of War.

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