2K games library being pulled out from Nvidia’s GeForce Now

The streaming libraries of the GeForce Now by Nvidia is going through downsizing once again. After one of the leading 2K Games, Activision Blizzard and Bethesda Softworks requested the removal of their games from the cloud gaming platform of Nvidia. In less than a month, the third platform has pulled out its service from GeForce Now. The cloud gaming services offered by Nvidia is getting weak day by day, hardly have anything quality to offer.

Nvidia gave the announcement about the request of the developers to remove all the 2K Games that were available on its streaming service. Approximately 20 games were put out, including some highly well-known Civilisation V and VI, Bioshock games series, Borderlands shooters, and Mafia 3. It was said that some of those games were recently uploaded by Nvidia.

The latest platform for leaving the GeForce Now is the 2K, many more publishers have been planning or already have retreated this streaming service. Following this announcement, Activision was readily removed. However, Bethesda Softworks is said to be removed their entire platforms. Big publishers, including Konami, Capcom, Rockstar, and Square Enix, have left the platform even before the launch.

The main reason behind the removal of famous games is the charges of subscription by Nvidia, which is said to be an additional charge. Protesting against it, big players have left this cloud streaming service by Nvidia. Not only these big firms but many developers, including the makers of The Long Dark, have requested the removal of their game.

One of the most shocking things in this series of events was when the famous game director, Raphael van Lierop declared that his game was put on the platform without even asking permission or any authorization. He took control of the twitter to register his plea and asked the fans to take their complaints to Nvidia. Many fans have shocked by the fact that Raphael has cautioned the developers to keep track of their games.

The reason behind all these debacles is that Nvidia was not selling the game. Although, the publishers were provided with a cut on that basis. It was never declared that Nvidia would offer as a third party between gamers and their games. It was struggling to reach a level of Google Stadia, which provides more classic platforms, ended up being stuck in a different situation.

As a result, many renowned gaming developers and publishers were very unhappy, particularly for offering as a middle-man and, most importantly, without asking permission from the developers to upload the games on their platform. That is the reason why most publishers preferred to leave the platform due to its uncertain status.

After these withdrawals, it was stated by Nvidia that they are making efforts to resolve the matters with 2K to restore the streaming of the games in the future.

According to the gaming analysts, Nvidia has to work to make the situation better before they run out of games and end up with an empty library.

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