Microsoft Windows 10 will soon be Experiencing Project xCloud for Ultimate Game Streaming

Microsoft Windows 10 will soon be Experiencing Project xCloud for Ultimate Game Streaming

In November, Microsoft confirmed that Windows 10 PCs would be receiving xCloud at some point in 2020. They said that we will be bringing Project xCloud to Windows 10 and are in works with a large variety of partners so that the cloud streaming service could be available on other platforms as well.

Microsoft further revealed that there would be an option to play any game you own, as well as the games that come with Xbox Game Pass titles through xCloud.

What to Expect

Although all of this does seem expected rather than surprising, the Reddit post is probably a sign that xCloud for Windows 10 is just around the corner. We could see Microsoft bringing the cloud streaming service real soon, maybe even next week.

There is also the unfortunate cancellation of GDC due to the novel Coronavirus, where we could learn much more about the service. However, Microsoft still says that it will discuss its cloud gaming service through a ‘Game Stack Live’ live stream, titled, which will take place on March 18, titled “Xbox Series X + Project xCloud = A New Chapter in Gaming.” We can also hear about what sort of processing power we can expect from the service, especially for the PC since xCloud is limited to 720p. Now, although this might be fine for android and IOS handheld devices, it might not look so good on laptops and monitor setups.

Cloud gaming enthusiasts and gamers will be looking towards xCloud with quite an excitement and hope since the disappointment of Google’s cloud streaming service Stadia. Microsoft, however, might succeed as they are taking on a different approach than their rival, rolling out things steadily. iPhone owners are in luck as they can now try the upcoming cloud gaming service, but only a limited number of owners are allowed.

Microsoft has been inviting gamers since fall to try on their cloud gaming service, allowing the user to enjoy Xbox games without making a connection to the console. xCloud will enable players to enjoy their most loved games on a phone, tablet, or a PC, The customers, will require a 1o bps or higher connection to play the games through the service.

Previously, the Project xCloud preview has only been available to users on Android phones and tablets. But on Wednesday, Microsoft announced it would finally expand the beta tests to Apple’s iOS devices.

Interested gamers that have access to an iPhone should not wait and sign up for the free trial as fast as they can since the trial is limited to 10,000 users, conducted through Apple’s Testflight service. Microsoft says there are a limited number of spaces available, and they expect that demands will, for sure, outweigh the capacity that they have.

Only users from the US, UK, and Canada can apply in the beta test for now, and participants can try out only Microsoft’s Halo: The Master Chief Collection. You also need a Bluetooth-enabled Xbox One wireless controller.

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